Helpful Links

Get More Involved: handwritten postcards from volunteers to targeted voters Electing Democrats to the Senate in the Western States

Take Action/Swing Left San Diego: Sign up for  email newsletter that identifies 3 actions on local, state and national electoral politics for the coming week

Swing Left National website:  Describes their national electoral strategy, programs, and upcoming actions throughout the U.S.

Change Begins with Me:  Local chapter of Indivisible that is one of the best sources for progressive political action around the county, including educational events, rallies/protests, electoral activism, and more. 

Vote Save America National website: Organized by the group that does the “Pod Save America” podcasts, this organization provides all of the information you need to “Adopt A State” with texting, phone banking, and letter writing to swing voters.

The Joe Biden for President Official Campaign Websites: 

Rep. Mike Levin’s website at 
State Senator Tony Atkins:  Senator Toni Atkins
Terra Lawson-Remer:

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