AB 2403 Drug Rehabs and the 300' Rule

I have been fighting with Malibu to get this bill passed.  Drug Rehabs or 'addicts' were put into the ADA category.  I find this appalling.  The mentally ill and physically handicap don't recover.  Addiction is a disease but not a disability.  Consequently, they are protected under this loophole.  We have four rehabs, not sober living homes but FULL businesses on one cul de sac of 12 homes in a community of 70.  We have 2 acre lots.  These Rehabs violate our CC&R's since they are large business with 24 hr staffers of 40 people racing in and out of our community.  The addict turn over is 30 days. If the parents or insurance can't pay for another month the kids are literally dumped out on the street  here.  At 50k a month per client it is a very lucrative business, paid for by insurance and of course passed on to us in higher costs.  The real issue here is two fold, one the addict cannot recover in a 'for profit' rehab facility.  We live in a remote equestrian community with no access to public transportation or convenience stores or a way to transition into a sober setting.  There is no way to 'mingle' in this community of families.  This is not a community they could afford to live in.

I am liberal, I grew up a Democrat.  I have studied addiction and mental illness for years and I know these programs need to be County Funded and a good year in length in order to be effective.  Once again the addict and the families become victims as well as those who live in these neighborhoods for the financial gain of the owners.

Even with 2 acre lots there isn't 300' between property lines making it a virtual hospital on that street.  The owner bullies the neighbors into silence while they match the addicts up and down the street with a staff member smoking in front of their children. 

I am a Realtor and I can tell you Rehabs must be disclosed because Contracts have been rescinded and seller/agents have been sued for non disclosure.  It is difficult to sell a home with four next to each other.  This is a bigger issue than you may realize in San Diego due to our perfect weather.

This bill would prevent clustering of drug facilities in residential neighborhoods. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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