PolicyUpdate.April 2019

Del Mar Resort plan for North Bluff is nearing environmental review:

  • 251 hotel rooms and 76 residential units are planned
  • Public access to coastal bluff will be preserved

Solana Beach special election on May 7 concerning a residential care facility.

State Democratic Party legislative committee—there is nothing new to report

The California legislature is in recess until April 22nd.

The following are some bills of note that will be considered when they return.

In the State Senate:

  • SB-212 Ranked choice voting on local offices
  • SB-535 5-year reduction scoping plan for Green House Gasses
  • SB-551 Introduction of indemnity bonds upon transfer of oil & gas properties
  • SB-465 Addresses coming gap in funding for San Onofre cleanup

In the State Assembly:

  • AB-1156 Introduction of a pilot financing mechanism for controlling Green House Gasses
  • AB-567 Establishment of a long-term healthcare task force
  • AB-887 Bill to establish an office of Health Equity
  • AB-1222 Implement a plan to license drug and alcohol treatment facilities

As the calendar moves forward, here are some important dates in the CA legislature

  • April 26 -- Last day for policy committees to hear and report on fiscal bills
  • May 3 -- Last day for policy committees to hear and report on non-fiscal bills
  • May 31 -- Last day to pass bills out of the house of origin
  • June 15 -- Budget bills must be passed by midnight

"Path to 2020"

  • Tom Perez suggests focusing on the unfulfilled promises of the Trump campaign
  • The DNC has so far only scheduled two presidential debates. In addition, they are signing agreements with media outlets to limit coverage on non-sanctioned events. Some are opining that with so little buzz generated by debates, Trump will capture the news cycle. Others insist that there is no point in converting the Reds to Blue. Time is better spent by turning out the registered and uncommitted instead. In other words; there is no point looking for someone "Who can beat Donald Trump". We need to remember that we won the last election by 3 million votes. We just need to get the vote out and let the election process work.

Trump would like to model his party as the "Party of Healthcare". Let the conversation commence! As Democratic sentiment increases for Universal Health Care, here are the three big lies you will hear by the opposition.

  1. R&D is reason system costs are rising:  Not supported by facts!
  2. Costs too much:  A new plan will CUT costs by reducing inefficiencies
  3. Don't need the government involved:  Too late! 67% of all monies come through government already.

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