Policy and Political Action Update, March 2019


  • Border wall limitation considered by Senate
    • Texas voters were evenly split in January poll
  • New Gun Control bill is inching through Congress
    • Passed House, now headed to Senate
  • Green New Deal: House Resolution 109 was introduced in February. This is an ambitious outline of the desire to increase effort toward several objectives:
    • Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions, clean air & water
    • Sustainable wages, retirement security, housing & healthcare
    • Promoting justice and equality
    • More education, providing higher income jobs, income security for all     
  • State Legislative Calendar
    • Closed to new bills on Feb 22nd
    • Number of bills under consideration increased to 2,576
    • The Deadline to pass bills is September 13th
  • The State Democratic Convention is May 31-June 2nd, Focus:
    • New leadership and resolutions
    • California Democratic Party supports the LA teacher's strike
    • Opposes SCOTUS ruling on Military/transgender
  • Health Care Initiatives
    • Governor Newsom campaigned for Universal Healthcare, as did many legislators
    • Nothing showed up in the legislative agenda which closed last week
  • Local activity in February
    • SD County Dem Central Committee elected youngest leadership team ever for 2019-20
    • SD County Board of Supervisors to sue Trump Administration over its policy on asylum seekers
  • Progressive Democrats of America - 30 plus items of interest for the advancement of resolutions and legislation; Top 6 are:
    • End to private prisons
    • Universal health care
    • Establishment of a State bank
    • Reduce fracking
    • Teach civics in high school
    • Reform of corporate charter schools

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