Board Meeting, Monday, May 16, 2016

Meeting Opens 7:00pm

Michael Gelfand         Cess Resnick               Gordon Clanton           Maria McEneany
Bob Edelman              Wayne Riggs               Vickie Riggs                Vishal Shah
Susan Wayo                Sheri Sachs

Minutes from April 18, 2016 were approved unanimously

President’s Report

Discussion:  Discussion was held regarding types of information to be provided to our email list.  Vickie Riggs makes a motion that the Rancho Santa Fe Dem Club will promote via email and other marketing channels local campaign events or fundraisers supported by the Club.  Vishal Shah seconds this motion.  This motion carries unanimously.

Discussion:  Funds will be released to Dave Robert’s campaign in the amount of $1,000.  These were funds that were approved previously, but never issued.  In addition, a discussion was held regarding funding to Barbara Bry’s campaign.  Gordon Clanton makes a motion that the Rancho Santa Fe Dem Club should now contribute $1,000 to Barbara Bry’s campaign.  Vickie Riggs seconds this motion.  The motion carries with one abstention. 

Treasurer’s Report:  Susan Wayo presents cash balance of $4,450.41

Membership Report:  Maria McEneany presents data-128 paid members.  58 new/renewed members since January 2016.

Events Report:  Gordon Clanton presents information regarding June meeting, and reminds the board that July and August are “off months”.

Communications Report:  Gordon Clanton makes a motion to provide a $100.00 one-time initial marketing funding for Face Book marketing by Bob Edelman.  Maria McEneany seconds this motion.  The motion carrier unanimously. 


Next Meeting of Board of Directors Monday, June 13, 2016

Meeting Closed at 9:30pm     Meeting Minutes Typed and Presented:  Sheri J. Sachs 6/12/16