Scott Peters Statement Re Pres-Elect's Steve Bannon Appointment and Paul Ryan on Medicare

To:  San Diego County Democratic Party Council of Clubs

From:  Office of Congressman Scott Peters, Kiera Galloway [email protected] (858) 455-5550

Date:  November 19, 2016

1.  Congressman Peters released a statement regarding the President-Elect’s appointment of Steve Bannon as Chief Strategist. I’ve reproduced the statement below in full.

“Last Thursday, I issued a statement expressing my shock at the results of the presidential election and laying out my approach to service under President-elect Trump. President Obama and others have said that we should wait to see what kind of President Mr. Trump would be, and I said last week that if President-elect Trump wants to work together on middle-class priorities like infrastructure investment and tax reform, I would continue my bipartisan approach and work with him. But I stand by my promise that if President-elect Trump tries to put his hateful, reckless rhetoric into action I will fight like hell to stop him.

“Stephen Bannon has made a name by fueling and monetizing hate – he has no place in the halls of power. By bringing a white nationalist and professional anti-Semite into the White House, President-elect Trump is acting on his campaign rhetoric and realizing many of our fears about the direction he intends to take our country. I condemn this appointment in the strongest possible terms.

“I have had an open mind to President-elect Trump’s agenda – he has unquestionably failed his first test.

Rep. Peters joined more than 120 fellow House Democrats on a letter to President-elect Trump urging him to rescind Bannon’s appointment.  More details on that can be found on our website here.

2. This past week, Congressman Scott Peters also issued a statement regarding Speaker Ryan’s efforts to phase-out and privatize Medicare.  Full details can be found on our website here but his statement is:

“I ran for Congress in 2012 on the promise that I would fight the privatization of Medicare, which is a lifeline for millions of seniors who have paid into it over a lifetime of hard work. My position has not changed, and I oppose Speaker Ryan’s plan to privatize Medicare.” 

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