PolicyUpdate.April 2019

Del Mar Resort plan for North Bluff is nearing environmental review:

  • 251 hotel rooms and 76 residential units are planned
  • Public access to coastal bluff will be preserved

Solana Beach special election on May 7 concerning a residential care facility.

State Democratic Party legislative committee—there is nothing new to report

The California legislature is in recess until April 22nd.

The following are some bills of note that will be considered when they return.

In the State Senate:

  • SB-212 Ranked choice voting on local offices
  • SB-535 5-year reduction scoping plan for Green House Gasses
  • SB-551 Introduction of indemnity bonds upon transfer of oil & gas properties
  • SB-465 Addresses coming gap in funding for San Onofre cleanup

In the State Assembly:

  • AB-1156 Introduction of a pilot financing mechanism for controlling Green House Gasses
  • AB-567 Establishment of a long-term healthcare task force
  • AB-887 Bill to establish an office of Health Equity
  • AB-1222 Implement a plan to license drug and alcohol treatment facilities

As the calendar moves forward, here are some important dates in the CA legislature

  • April 26 -- Last day for policy committees to hear and report on fiscal bills
  • May 3 -- Last day for policy committees to hear and report on non-fiscal bills
  • May 31 -- Last day to pass bills out of the house of origin
  • June 15 -- Budget bills must be passed by midnight

"Path to 2020"

  • Tom Perez suggests focusing on the unfulfilled promises of the Trump campaign
  • The DNC has so far only scheduled two presidential debates. In addition, they are signing agreements with media outlets to limit coverage on non-sanctioned events. Some are opining that with so little buzz generated by debates, Trump will capture the news cycle. Others insist that there is no point in converting the Reds to Blue. Time is better spent by turning out the registered and uncommitted instead. In other words; there is no point looking for someone "Who can beat Donald Trump". We need to remember that we won the last election by 3 million votes. We just need to get the vote out and let the election process work.

Trump would like to model his party as the "Party of Healthcare". Let the conversation commence! As Democratic sentiment increases for Universal Health Care, here are the three big lies you will hear by the opposition.

  1. R&D is reason system costs are rising:  Not supported by facts!
  2. Costs too much:  A new plan will CUT costs by reducing inefficiencies
  3. Don't need the government involved:  Too late! 67% of all monies come through government already.

The Roosevelt Dinner is on May 11th

Roosevelt dinner

Last year Democrats throughout San Diego County worked tirelessly and won more local elective offices than ever before.

Now our County Democratic Party is recognizing some of the leaders and volunteers who have shown their commitment to "Building Power for the People" -- the theme of this year's Roosevelt Dinner.

Please join us as our annual awards are presented to the honorees at this year's event:

Making a Difference Award: Hon. Monica Montgomery
Legislator of the Year: Hon. Georgette Gomez
Leadership Award: Judy Ki
Volunteer of the Year: Chris Pearson
Club of the Year: Fallbrook Democratic Club
Chair's Award: Sandy Naranjo, Isabel Vasquez, and Anabel Arauz
Chair's Award: Todd Walters and the Leaders of UFCW Local 135
Chair's Award: Alyce Pipkin-Allen

You are invited to the dinner and gala on Saturday, May 11, to highlight the award winners, celebrate our recent victories, and unite around our common goals for 2020.

Not only are San Diego County Democrats fighting to win more races next year; we're also helping to shape the policy agenda and expand the base of activism in our region. As our major fundraiser and community-building event, the Roosevelt Dinner will be a major step in that direction, so we hope you'll be a part of it. 

General seating is $150 per person (discounted to $120 through April 28 for members of a Democratic Club or the GO Team). For more details and to reserve your seat, please visit www.sddemocrats.org/dinner or call our office at (858) 277-3367.

You will get a Club Discount until through 4/28 - request to be seated with RSF Dem Club Tables


Congratulations to Rose Ann Sharp

Del Mar Times

Rose Ann SharpHonoree Rose Ann Sharp with 78th Assembly member Todd Gloria at the 2019 Women of Distinction event.
(Photo: Ashley Mackin-Solomon)

Rose Ann Sharp of Del Mar is one of 17 women from across San Diego that were honored as 2019 Women of Distinction by 78th Assembly member Todd Gloria, at the Women's Museum of California in Liberty Station on March 20. The 78th Assembly includes San Diego County, Coronado, Del Mar, Imperial Beach, and Solana Beach.

“This is an opportunity to honor the women that make San Diego a better place to live,” Gloria said. “We are celebrating Women’s History Month in March and want to take this opportunity to recognize the outstanding contributions of women across this country because men didn’t just build the United States, women are a part of it as well. There would be no America without women.”

Each year, the California Legislature holds an annual Women of the Year ceremony in Sacramento, where each of the state’s 80 assembly district members honors one woman. And locally, San Diego expands on that to recognize multiple women. “We know the 78th Assembly District is home to a number of truly phenomenal women, so that’s why we wanted to honor them here at home,” Gloria said.

In the community service category, Del Mar resident Sharp was recognized for her founding of the Never Again CA group, which advocates for gun control.

“If there is one word to describe Rose Ann in my book, it would be fearless,” Gloria opened. “This woman is fearless because she founded the local Never Again CA chapter as part of the national Never Again movement to end gun violence following the horrific shooting in Parkland, Florida.”

At hearing this, someone yelled from the crowd “thank you!”

Gloria continued, “Her tireless leadership and dedication have encouraged the City of Del Mar and surrounding cities to move to end gun shows at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and state-owned property. When confronted by angry and hateful opposition, she is not afraid to expose the danger of gun shows and to stand up to gun show owners, all with the sole purpose of making our community a safer place for all of us. Particularly, our children. It’s Rose Ann’s courage and devotion to Never Again CA that inspired me to author legislation this year to prohibit the sale of fire of firearms and ammunition at the Del Mar fairgrounds.”

Six days after the Women of Distinction awards, Gloria’s office announced the Assembly Public Safety Committee would hear legislation to prohibit the sale of guns and ammunition at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

“I said she is fearless because we have to take on the NRA, but we have something they don’t have: The fearless Rose Ann,” Gloria said.

The 2019 roster of awardees also included: Linda Tu, Roz Winstead, Stephanie Benvenuto, Diane Peabody Straw, Tracie Jada O’Brien, Laurie Black, Rose Ann Sharp, Jen LaBarbera, Tessa Williams, Darcy Pavich, Steph Johnson, Cristina Marquez, Marlena Balderas, Nicole Capretz and Vernita Todd.

Nominations for next year’s Women of Distinction are now open and can be submitted through a78.asmdc.org

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Policy and Political Action Update, March 2019


  • Border wall limitation considered by Senate
    • Texas voters were evenly split in January poll
  • New Gun Control bill is inching through Congress
    • Passed House, now headed to Senate
  • Green New Deal: House Resolution 109 was introduced in February. This is an ambitious outline of the desire to increase effort toward several objectives:
    • Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions, clean air & water
    • Sustainable wages, retirement security, housing & healthcare
    • Promoting justice and equality
    • More education, providing higher income jobs, income security for all     
  • State Legislative Calendar
    • Closed to new bills on Feb 22nd
    • Number of bills under consideration increased to 2,576
    • The Deadline to pass bills is September 13th
  • The State Democratic Convention is May 31-June 2nd, Focus:
    • New leadership and resolutions
    • California Democratic Party supports the LA teacher's strike
    • Opposes SCOTUS ruling on Military/transgender
  • Health Care Initiatives
    • Governor Newsom campaigned for Universal Healthcare, as did many legislators
    • Nothing showed up in the legislative agenda which closed last week
  • Local activity in February
    • SD County Dem Central Committee elected youngest leadership team ever for 2019-20
    • SD County Board of Supervisors to sue Trump Administration over its policy on asylum seekers
  • Progressive Democrats of America - 30 plus items of interest for the advancement of resolutions and legislation; Top 6 are:
    • End to private prisons
    • Universal health care
    • Establishment of a State bank
    • Reduce fracking
    • Teach civics in high school
    • Reform of corporate charter schools

OPINION - Election Countdown: Close to Home


            So many races, so little time.  Mail ballots have arrived.  But don’t vote too soon.

         Del Mar City Council.  Del Mar has four candidates for two seats on its five-member council.  Incumbent and current mayor, Dwight Worden, is likely to be re-elected.  The other candidates are investment advisor Brian Fletcher, UCSD scientist Terry Gaasterland, and financial advisor Dan Quirk

         Apart from Mayor Worden, the others seem to be more narrowly focused on pet issues and personalities – not the best qualifications for a job that is demanding, multi-faceted, complex, and consequential.

         As things stand, I urge Del Martians to vote only for Dwight – although Dwight (boy scout that he is) has not called for his supporters to vote only for him.

         Make it a point to hear meet, and question all four candidates.  This is the Del Mar Way.

         Del Mar schools.  Incumbents Doug Rafner and Scott Wooden have

endorsed attorney, Gee Wah Mok, thus forming a slate.  I support this slate. 

         San Dieguito schools.  For the first time, the composition of the high school board will be determined by district elections.  You will vote for only one candidate and only once every four years.  So you will need to determine your area and who the candidates are.  This year Areas 1, 3, and 5 will hold elections.

         The candidates for Area 5 (toward the south end of the school district)

include Kristin Gibson, now ending her service on the Del Mar board, and Cheryl James Ward, whose campaign is financed by the for-profit charter school industry.  In June, James Ward lost her well-funded campaign for the county school board to Rick Shea.  Vote for Kristin – and for Amy Flicker in Area 1 and Rhea Stewart in Area 3.

         Wait.  Hold your mail ballot until Election Day so you can take account of any last-minute revelations or scandals.  I like to walk my mail ballot to my neighborhood polling place on Election Day.  I love the smell of ballots in the morning.

         Next.  Come hear Expert Election Analysis from Carl Luna, Jen Tierney, and Tom Shepard at the Rancho Santa Fe Democratic Club, Thursday, November 8, 6:30 pm.  Info/RSVP at RSFDEM.ORG.

Gordon Clanton teaches Sociology at San Diego State University and writes a column on politics and the environment for the Del Mar Times and four other suburban weeklies.  He is Program Chair at the Rancho Santa Fe Democratic Club.  Gordon welcomes feedback at gclanton@sdsu.edu           

Jeff Griffith for State Senate 38th District San Diego County