NEWS on CLEAN MONEY - Gov Brown signs law improving disclosure on political mailers!

From CA Clean Money Campaign - Oct. 21, 2015

Big news!  Governor Brown signed AB 990, authored by Susan Bonilla, for better disclosure of who pays for those political mailers flooding your mailbox.  It wasn't guaranteed the Governor would sign it, yet after petitions, emails, and calls from more than 10,000 Clean Money supporters like you it's now law.

This is an important victory because it will now be easier for voters to identify whether a piece of mail was paid for by an outside group or by the candidate themselves — something SuperPACs often attempt to confuse voters about.  AB 990 requires the disclosure statement to be in a large font outlined in a bold box and located near the recipient’s name.

AB 990 is a step on the path to the more powerful AB 700, the California DISCLOSE Act, our two-year bill to show the real names of top funders of all political ads — no matter how many hands the money passes through.

IMPORTANT NOTE:   This is not the same bill as AB700 - the CA Disclose Act.  Unfortunately, there still remains work that must be done to get this law past.  Supporters of AB700 hope to get this done early in 2016 so it can be in effect before the General Election in November 2016.  

For more information on AB990, AB700 and other activities focused on the issues or money in politics here in California, visit the CA Clean Money Campaign website.

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