Bylaws Update - please read

Bylaws Update: April 1, 2016 
Our current By-laws, Article V, Section 4, states ten days is required to notify members when we propose resolutions, endorse candidates, endorse ballot measures, and make changes to our by-laws,
The San Diego Democratic County Party mandates we amend our Bylaws, Article v, Section 4, to allow fourteen (two weeks) notification.
Article V, Section 4 will be amended to read: 
At least fourteen days prior to a General Meeting at which the following items will be discussed an voted upon, the Secretary shall cause to be deposited in the regular mail or sent by e-mail, a notice addressed to each member of the Club in good standing:
  • Proposed Resolutions
  • Endorsements of candidates and/or ballot measures
  • Proposed amendments to these Bylaws
  • When a vacant officer position is filled on our Executive Board (new, added)
  • The annual election of officers (new, added)
Such notification shall specify the time place and date of the General Meeting and describe the event.
The above changes will be voted on by the membership at our April 14 General Meeting, Lomas Santa Fe CC, 1501 Lomas Santa Fe Drive, Solana Beach, CA 920756:30 PM.  
RSVP:  Questions:  858.759.2620