RSFDC Board and Contact Information


President - Michael Gelfand

Michael Gelfand is a founding member of the RSFDC, and President since 2008.  He has been a delegate to the State Democratic Party Convention and the 2012 National Convention.  Michael has served on the non-profit boards of The Old Globe Theater and The San Diego Natural History Museum, as a Commissioner of the California Travel and Tourism Commission, and as a Director of numerous other organizations.  Michael owns and operates Terra Vista Management, Inc., a real estate investment management firm specializing in high-quality recreation vehicle parks including Campland On The Bay, mobile home communities, and marinas.  Michael has taken great pleasure in helping to turn San Diego county “blue” and in planting the progressive, liberal, Democratic flag represented by the RSF Democratic Club.

Acting V.P. Membership - Dawn Douglas, Miriam Bogan

This position is currently open.


V.P. Marketing and Communications - Miriam Bogan


V.P. Speakers and Programs - Gordon Clanton

Gordon teaches Sociology at San Diego State University and writes a column on politics and the environment for the Del Mar Times and sister papers in Solana Beach, Encinitas, Rancho Santa Fe, and Carmel Valley.  Gordon grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  He earned a B.A. in Chemistry at LSU and a Ph.D. in Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley, where his mentor was Robert Bellah, author of Habits of the Heart.  Gordon lives in Del Mar, where he has been involved in local politics since the 1980s.  He is a progressive political activist, an unpaid advisor to numerous elected officials, candidates, and causes.

Treasurer - Dawn Douglas

Dawn Douglas is retired after a forty-year career in real estate investment and brokerage.  A lifelong interest in art led her to serve on the boards of directors of the Southwest Museum, Pasadena, California; The Joffrey Ballet, Los Angeles; The Museum of New Mexico Foundation in Santa Fe, New Mexico; and the Institute of American Indian Art in Santa Fe.  She also served as a director of the Northern New Mexico Animal Protection Society which administers animal shelters. She is an accomplished nature and wildlife photographer and has traveled the world for many years in that pursuit. She is passionate about environmental issues and supports many environmental and wildlife organizations.  Since returning to California, she volunteered for many years at the Helen Woodward Animal Center and recently at the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park.  She is an active member of the Democratic GO (Grassroots Organizing) Team and has canvassed her neighborhood on behalf of the Democratic Party for every election since 2004.  She has been the Treasurer of the Rancho Santa Fe Democratic Club since May 2018.



Voter Outreach and Get Out The Vote - Marilee McLean

Political Action - Cess Resnick

College and University Outreach - Gordon Clanton

Fundraising - Jamie Carr