Policy Update July 2019

Calls are still out for voters to sign up for the California "Citizens Redistricting Commission."

  • Of particular interest are qualified minority members. The committee serves for ten years with a stipend for meetings.
  • All CA voters are eligible if they have voted recently and have not served as political staff.
  • The deadline for application is Aug. 9. For more information go to www.shapecaliforniasfuture.auditor.ca.gov.

The California State Democratic Party Platform Committee Calendar has started with three meetings scheduled before their platform adoption in November.

  • There is a Southern California meeting scheduled for September 7th. Submissions deadline for platform items are on the same day.
  • For more information go to www.cadem.org

The California State Legislature has adjourned until Monday, Aug. 12, 2019

  • With nearly a thousand bills within each house still under consideration, there is still a lot of work to do when the legislature is reconvened in August, with a deadline of passage by September.

National Party directors are wary of a DNC shift to the left.

  • They are concerned it may distract from the number one priority of the party: ending the re-election of the current administration.
  • Comparison to the elections of Bill Clinton reveals that even though he ran on a decidedly centrist campaign, the agenda he promoted was far from what the Republicans may have proposed.

The movement toward Universal Healthcare is approaching a fork in the road this year.

  • Current court challenges place the viability of the Affordable Care Act in doubt going forward even while governor Newsome has extended the provisions of the Act in California to undocumented immigrants.
  • If key items of the ACA are struck down, then several forces will be unleashed in the health insurance marketplace and Federal funds that California and other states have been relying on may dry up. That could leave patients with pre-existing conditions without insurance, Medicaid programs unfunded, and premiums may change radically.
  • The net effect of all these forces will likely be more disruptive and controversial than when the ACA was first implemented.
  • One of the primary roadblocks to the smooth transition to ACA was the communication of its particulars to the end-user. Many on the right went out of their way to infuse misinformation into the marketplace. The current administration has tried to limit information and access in several ways.